VA Disability above 65 years of age [Benefits for Veterans]

When disabled veteran reaches the age of 65 years or above got the service-connected disability are eligible for the elderly benefit. At the age of 65 years, the veteran retires but still, he can get the VA disability benefits suc as disability payment of veterans affairs. As the Disability ratio varies from person to person and the age factor is also very important.

As compare to the amount in service from earning, veterans receive less salary. After retirement at the age of 65 years, VA disability payments and social security benefits may be greater as compared to those having no service-connected disability.

VA Disability above 65 years of age

VA Unemployability Over 65 years

The veteran’s affairs department provides special compensation to veterans after their retirement due to the disability they got during the service.

Veterans affair department give the compensation amount to the disabled veterans which depend on the percentage of the disability given by the department. The range of percentage is 0 to 100 per cent.

Veterans affair department give the compensation of 100 % disability to the veterans in some cases even though they have no such service-connected disability.

VA disability benefits are means-tested or not?

VA disability percentages provided by the department are not mean tested. Disable veterans are eligible for benefits till they work for the department. Benefits which receive at working age are employed in fact.

On annual basis, payments are provided to the disabled veterans which they get until their death even after retirement.

After 2014, the rate of inflation increased, and VA disability compensation was more than 54 billion dollars in 2013. The compensation provided to the veterans is in the benefits form or financial assistance. Department of Veterans Affairs provided the assistance in the following form.

  • Housing assistance
  • Education assistance
  • on a vocational basis training
  • vehicle renovation, house modification, health care, and more.
  • Employment opportunities provided
  • Rehabilitation services for veterans
  • Burial and death benefits provided

 Elderly Veterans Benefits:

There are many benefits and compensation, That VA provides to the elderly veterans who reached 65 years of age. For disabled veterans, there are 2 specific programs specially designed to provide benefits and compensation to the veterans after their retirement.

Aid and Assistance program for Elderly veterans:

Aid and assistance program provides veterans of age 65 or above with a special amount of pension. Just like the age factor, it is necessary for any veteran to fulfil the preset criteria as per requirement. Things vary from person to person however, the veterans have to meet the following requirements to enjoy these benefits:

65 years of veterans or above this age get the special pension amount by aid and assistance program. To enjoy these benefits, Veterans must meet the following requirements otherwise they are not eligible.

  • The veterans need assistance to complete their daily routine work such as assistance in bathing, cleaning, and eating, etc.
  • The veteran is bedridden by the medical staff
  • The disabled veteran is a patient in the nursing home
  • The eyesight is very weak and is limited to a corrected 5 / 200 acuity. Or the veteran has concentric contraction or the retina or the visual field to 5 degrees or more 5 degrees.

House-bound Program:

Disabled veterans who are of 65 years of age or more, get benefits and assistance from the house-bound program. Housebound means to stay the veteran in their house for a lifetime period because of his service-connected disabilities. Those veterans who are completely disabled according to the Veterans Affairs department reports and can’t move at their will be eligible for this program. Veterans get benefits on an annual or monthly basis to fulfil their requirements. You can apply for the benefits if you are meeting the criteria by submitting an application to the VA department.

What is VA health care provided to 65 years age of veterans?

Elder veterans of 65 years or more age get health care which is known as geriatrics. It is called an assistance care program that is made to care the disabled veterans who need health care on daily basis.

Veterans of such category are not able to move and work. They can receive the benefits of assistance care or long-term care at home, in hospital, and community through the veterans’ affairs program.

How to get VA benefits for the elderly?

Veterans affair department provides aid assistance or long-term care program for which disabled veterans, service members, and family members can apply. To get the benefits following procedure requires:

  • Veterans need to apply through the official site of the veteran affairs department.
  • The veteran can work with an agent also who is accredited
  • If the above methods are not working in case, then the veteran needs to visit the veteran affairs office and the employee will assist him. The veteran can find the regional office through the website.

How does the VA reduce compensation?

On 2 occasions, the department of veterans Affairs regulates the compensation. On the first occasion when the veteran leaves the service and after 6 months. The second occasion of the regulated compensation is between 2 to 5 years when the department decides to provide VA disability benefits.

On 2 occasions, the check is done to verify the disability condition of the veterans. Department of veterans affairs re-evaluates in order to check, whether the disability condition of veterans improves or not. After the evaluation rating of disability may be changing.

The veterans’ affairs department may reduce the amount of compensation under some conditions on an annual or monthly basis. But the proposed rating may be based on the medical condition of the veteran.

VA pension for elder veterans:

Department of veterans affairs gives pensions to disabled veterans who died during the war or due to service-connected disability. Veteran’s spouses or the children of the veterans can get the pension for which some requirement needs.

The veteran must die during his active duty or served the country for the previous 24 months. If the age of the veteran is 65 then he can get the benefits and compensation from the VA department. That is the monthly pension and health care benefits for such veterans.

Conclusive Note

As we have shared the details of the benefits for the veterans in the above post. This is not only a single program because there are a lot of offers, discounts and benefits for Veterans and military members. Stay tuned for the latest updates.


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