Military Benefit for Death after families | VA Spouse Benefits

Military members are loyal to their country and serve their nation, day and night by sacrificing their desires. Many obstacles are faced by the family members of the veterans also. That’s why Government provide assistance and compensation to a family member in various field so that they can live independently.

VA Disability for Spouse after Death

Death gratuity for the death members is allocated in the holdback status while performing from the active duty or authorized journey, on inactive duty training while. Maybe they perform authorize travel directly or from active duty for inactive duty training as well as reserve officer member training program who died during his duty performing yearly training.

Military benefit for death after families


Is the family gets facilities when a soldier dies?

When the military members are lost during their service in wars, the government facilitates the dependence of those military members who died. Benefits given by the government to the dependent of the dead veterans will help them fulfil their needs. After the death of the military members following benefits are given to the dependents.

Military Death Gratuity Benefit

Death Gratuity benefit is the compensation of up to $ 10,000 to the entitled survivors of members of the Armed Forces, who died during their service or died at certain reserved statuses.

 Death of the Members benefits

Following are the benefits according to the new beneficiary which is the dependent death benefit of the members get after the death of the veterans;

  • Soldiers who died on active duty
  • Death of the veterans occurs due to the service-related disease
  • A veteran death resulted from a non-service-related grievance or disease
  • OR since the veteran’s release from active duty and for at least 5 years immediately foregoing death
  • For at least 1 year before death if the veteran was a  prisoner of war for 1 previous year

Immediate cash payment

The main purpose of the death gratuity is to give instant cash payment to assist survivors of the dead members of the military so that they can fulfil their requirements during the periods. Those veterans who died within 120 days after the release of their active duty are also eligible for death gratuity.


The Department of veteran affairs determines the cause of death first whether the death is due to active duty or a service-connected disability.

What is VA Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC)?

VA dependency and indemnity compensation amount is paid on the monthly basis to the military member’s survivors after their death. For this, there are the following requirements needed:
  • The military member should have died during his service
  • The death of a military member was due to a service-connected disability
  • The death of the military member was due to non-service-related injury but was entitled to receive compensation from the department of veteran affairs. The department has given the disability rating to the military member that lasted for at least 10 years, or the death of the military member occurred after leaving duty.

Military Death Benefits for Spouses

At the time of the death of the military member, if there is no dependent under the law of domicile then the dependent has to fill out the application form and must meet the criteria so that he can get the death benefit. Dependent disabled military members can get military survivor benefits from the government if the military member died during active duty.

When the family members know about the death of a military member during active duty, then the family is assigned to the Casualty Assistance Representative whose responsibility is to help via the increment process.

Military death benefits for children

There is a direct relationship between the payment given to the children and the percentage of the covered retired payment of the military members. If the children are more than 1 then the payment is divided equally among themselves. If the spouse of the military member has died then the payment shifted to the children of the member. For 4 children of the military members there are the following benefits available:

  • $2000 is the base amount given
  • The base amount multiplied by 55% is $2000 multiplied by 55% then the resulting amount is $1100
  • For 4 children, the annual amount divided by the 4 i.e. $1100/4
  •  So, each child will receive from the department is $275 amount

What is Tricare For Survivors?

Tricare is also called the civilian health care program which is the health care program of the United State. Tricare for surviving spouses helps the dependence of military members through healthcare. The dependents of the military members are eligible for Tricare services after the death of the military members. Dependents of the retired members are also eligible for Tricare services.


  • Claims will be shared at the rate of active duty family members for 3 years after the active duty member’s death, and after that at the retirement rate.
  • Widows of military persons will be eligible until they remarry (however, loss of benefits remains applicable, even if the remarriage ends in case of death or in case of divorce).
  • Below the age of 21-year, the member’s child remains eligible for the Tricare services.

What is the Basic Allowance for Housing?

If the military member died then the spouse and children can live in the government quarter for 1 year or go to the private quarters and get the basic allowance for housing of 1 year. For private quarter allowance, military members must meet some requirements in their active duty before their death.

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