Military Benefits of Being a Military Wife

Are there Military Benefits of Being a Military Wife/Spouse 2023

We are appreciating our military members but we also remember the sacrifices of their wives. It is not easy to send your men to war or on duty and remain alone all the time until the reunion. Military wives make a lot of sacrifices during their life at different stages because of which there are military wife benefits offered by VA. If their husbands are at the forefront of the war, they are at the forefront of facing life hurdles. When we remember those heroes, we also remember the sacrifices of their wives. We are not alone who understand and feel these sacrifices. That is the reason many companies, and brands are services are offering special offers to the wives/spouses of Veterans and military members. Health care benefits like medical, dental and vision, Education and survivor benefits are also available for the wives of military members.

Military Benefits of Being a Military Wife


How these ladies can get such discounts from different places and on what basis? If you are also one of them who don’t know the details then you have to know that your husband must be a working military member or a retired veteran. When you are ready to avail any offer of military survivor benefits then you have to verify the ID card or service of your husband. By doing so it will be easy for you to get a discount.

As we are aware that most females face severe health-related issues during their lifespan. It is seen that military wives need more health care facilities as they are all alone in facing their problems. It is necessary to provide them health assistance though there is no specific package for the families of military members. Though military members are part of those who can enjoy health care services facilities so it does not matter you are a wife of working military personnel or a retired one, you will get those benefits being a military wife.

Life Insurance Policies for Military families

If a military member is part of the life insurance policy then his family can get up to $100,000. You can check the details about the insurance plan for Military family members. The package family will receive depend on the Military member insurance plan as he can join $10,000 or $100,000 plans. If you are a wife and want to be a beneficiary of this policy for the details just contact the main military office.

Will Divorced Military Spouse get the Benefits

It is against the rules because you are no longer a military spouse/wife. As the benefits are only for the present military spouse/wife or widow of a deceased one. When you are divorced from military members then there will be no military spouse divorce entitlements facility for you. If you are interested in 20/20/20 rule the read it in detail.

Another exception is the time duration. If you are not married to a person who is serving military members for less than 20 years, then you are also not eligible. Stay tuned for more details.

Marriage Benefits for military personnel

Another more interesting benefit is after getting married. If you are marrying a military member then you must know that your husband salary will increase after your marriage. There are benefits of being married in the military specific for military members. Furthermore, now being a married person he can house allowance after the registration.

MSP Military Spouse Preference Program

This is another great opportunity for the spouse/wives of military members. It will be easy for them to find their jobs as compared to other ladies. As the name of the program suggests that whenever a military spouse visits for the job she will get preference.

In the department of defence, there are many jobs for civilians. When military wives apply for such jobs they can easily get the job because of being a military spouses. If you are looking for such a job then you can contact the Civil personnel officer or the Human resource office for vacant posts.

What are the health benefits for Military Families?

Being a mother, father, sister, brother or spouse of a family is so hard because you have to send your warriors for wars. During all this tenure the spouse of the military member bears all the hurdles on her shoulders. In such a situation, she may face health-related issues. It is good news for the spouse and families of the military members that you can get military health insurance for dependents from the healthcare department. All the charges related to surgeries, physical examination, mental examination etc will be covered by the concerned department. There are many other basic facilities you can avail yourself of from the healthcare department. Keep in mind that you have to show your ID card or documents which show your relationship with the military members.

If you are a wife of retired military members then some of the health-related facilities are still available for you. You will be able to enjoy each and every benefit that a retiree gets. There are many other benefits like shopping discounts, Education benefits, recreational activities services and much more. Especially health care is for a lifetime for all Military members and retirees and for their qualifying dependent like their spouse/wife etc.

What is the Survivor benefit plan for the military wife?

This is an amazing program. If a serving military member joins the Survivor benefit program after retirement, the saved money will be beneficial for the wife after death. So it is better to join the program and help the family members even after death.

Furthermore, Veteran affairs department also offers different programs from which the families of the military members can take advantage even after the death of military personnel.

List of different Benefits of a military member’s wife/Spouse

  • Military Spouse Scholarships – scholarships for military dependents 2023 – VA spouse education benefits
  • Free On-Base Classes for the dependents
  • Morale, Welfare & Recreation
  • Military Discounts
  • National Park and Federal Recreational Land Pass
  • Commissaries & Exchanges
  • Free Healthcare
  • Military Lodging, Hotels & Travel
  • Housing & BAH
  • Legal Assistance
  • Marriage Family Counseling – Getting married for military benefits
  • Financial Education &  Resources
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Military Spouse Tax Benefits
  • Hiring Preference
  • License Transfer
  • Unemployment Compensation due to PCS
  • Free Education for the survivors

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