100% Disabled Veterans

Who are 100% Disabled Veterans? | VA Compensations and Benefits

100% of a disabled military member is permanently disabled and this rating is assigned by the department of veterans affairs after a complete medical examination of him. due to a VA 100% disability rating, the capacity of the earning of such members is affected. Such veterans get additional benefits that other vets can’t get. If your disability ratio is less than the prescribed ratio then all these benefits are not for you. But another important thing you need to know is that there are many other discounts available which are only for those who have 100 percent va disability. You can avail of those offers which are available for partially disabled veterans and military members. Here we sharing further details for our visitors. Check them thoroughly.

100% Disabled Veterans

100 Percent of disabled veterans receive max benefits from the veteran affairs department like house benefits, health benefits, monthly compensation, and education benefits for dependents.


100 per cent disability rating:

every month, 100% of disabled veterans get 3146.42 dollars of money. Department of veterans affairs makes the cost of living adjustment(COLAs) every year to the VA disability benefits so that disabled members do not disturb because of the inflation. COLAs to VA’s compensation and pension rate is equal to the % of social security benefits.

Disabled veterans with their 1 spouse and 1 child receive $1056.94 every month that is 29.68 dollars extra.

Department of veterans affairs gives the disability payments on a monthly basis which are helpful for veterans to complete their requirements. This is enough financial assistance for those disabled veterans who are unable to earn anything because of their disability.

Monthly compensations: 

The disability rating for 2018 is 3057.13 dollars per month. Every year the amount is changed by the veteran’s affairs department which increases with the increase in living cost.

Monthly compensation is the basic pay for disabled veterans. Veterans can get extra money on the behalf of dependents of disabled veterans.

Also, expenses of the education of the dependent children are covered by the department of veterans affairs.

100% Scheduler Rating: 100 VA Disability Compensation

The disability rating of the veterans’ affairs program is different from other disability programs. Benefits provided by the department on a sliding scale base mean that more disabled people will receive more money.  Money is received by disabled veterans on monthly basis through this program.

Financial Benefits for 100% Disabled Veterans:

Veterans with VA permanent and total disability will be eligible for compensation, and pension benefits.

Disability compensation paid to disabled veterans is tax-free. If the disability is due to an injury or disease then compensation will be paid to him. For the post-service disability, veterans can get compensation also. Due to the condition of the veteran disability rating fix may be increased with time after the service.

Special Monthly Compensation:

Due to certain conditions, the department of veterans affairs pays special monthly compensation with regular disability compensation. Those veterans who lose the use of their specific organ can get special monthly compensation also.

If the rating of the service-connected disability of the veteran is 100%. If such a disabled veteran with VA 100% permanent and total disability is housebound, bedridden, or helpless, then the additional SMC payment can be considered. It is referred to as aid and attendance and housebound allowance.

How does the VA disability rating calculator work?

Totally and permanently disabled VA people get the amount of the basic benefits related to the disability rating. A disability rating is based on the evidence the veterans submit as a claim or from the military record which is from 0% to 100%. At different ratios, the calculation of the benefits will be different. Veterans can see the rating of disability from the combined rating section.

In some cases additional amounts paid to the disabled veterans are the following:

  • The military member has severe disabilities or loss of his limbs
  • The military member has dependents
  • The military member has a disabled spouse


Complete disabled veterans can apply for waiver premiums and additional supplemental insurance coverage. Insurance is up to 30,000 dollars but the premium cannot be waived on it. The eligibility of the veteran for this criteria is below:

  • The age of the disabled veterans is below 65 years
  • Eligible for a waiver of premiums because of the total disability of veterans
  • The military member can apply for additional insurance within 1 year from the notification of the waiver approval date.

What are the VA Scheduler Benefits for 100 % disabled veterans?

For the different disability conditions, there will be different total and permanent disability VA benefits, the rating is different which may be 100%, 60% and 80%. Complete disability has100% rating because of which military members can get a maximum VA scheduler benefit that is $3,000 dollar per month according to 2019.

After the submission of the application, if the military member is considered eligible for the disability then the rating is assigned to him. Through supporting documentation, veterans can get a higher rating.

VA department assigns disability ratings different for the different conditions of veterans. 100% disabled get the amounts on a monthly basis. As ratios are different according to the disability so the VA total and permanent disability benefits vary according to the condition.

On a Conclusive Note

Here we have shared the different ratios in terms of disability measurement. This criterion is made by the Veterans Affairs department and their health team will examine you. After the complete verification veterans will be able to enjoy different benefits which are specific for disabled veterans. As in the post, we have shared the details regarding the benefits that some benefits are specific for completely disabled veterans and some benefits are for those who are minor or partially disabled veterans. Before applying for any benefit it is necessary to collect the basic information about the benefit that you are eligible for or not for such benefits. If you are meeting the basic requirements then you just need to write an application to the Veterans affair department in which you can claim the required benefit of being a disabled veteran. The VA department will check the details and after the verification, you will receive confirmation. To avail of the benefit, you need to wait for some time as per the requirement. If you need further details regarding this matter you ask us via the comment section below. Hope you will get satisfactory answers from our team. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

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