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For the serving of the country Veterans’ service is more appreciable because they even sacrifice their life for the honour of the country. Veterans stand at the border so that the peoples of their country stay happy with their lifestyle. To honour the Veterans of Virginia State, Just like other states Virginia State also provides different benefits for veterans and their dependents. Virginia VA benefits provided to the veterans are State benefits specific only for the residents of Virginia. This benefit includes different facilities. Here we are sharing the details:

Virginia Commonwealth Veteran Benefits


Veterans Home in Virginia

If you are looking for a veteran home then there are 2 homes available in Richmond and Roanoke. Those veterans who have an honourable discharge from military service can apply for the VA house benefits. For joining the program you need to pay some costs.

Financial Benefits for the Veterans of Virginia

For the Veterans who are in Virginia, residents can enjoy different benefits in the form of financial assistance. Here are the details for Virginia military benefits:

Income Tax

If your payment is up to $15,000 it will be exempted from tax because of being a member of the armed forces. If your income is more than $15,000, then over every $1 income the reduction will be reduced by $1. For example, if you are earning $16000 as basic pay, then you can deduct only $14000. There will be no subtraction if you are earning $30000 or more.

If you are part of Veterans Affair National Guards, then the initial 39 days of your service or an amount of $3000, may be deducted from your income while filing. This deduction amount is available only for O-3 and below.

Real Estate Tax Exemption For Disabled Veterans

Virginia disabled veterans property tax exemption for those veterans who are completely disabled having a 100% of disability rate according to the VA department criteria are exempted from the property tax. Surviving Veterans spouse is also eligible for this program. So you can apply via application to the Veterans Affairs department.

Employment Benefits

One of the most important issues is unemployment. Here we will discuss the employment benefits for the Virginia Veterans.

Preference For State Jobs for Virginia Veterans

It is good news for Veterans who are residents of Virginia, they will get 5% extra in their test score. This percentage will 10% for those who are disabled veterans.

VTAP (Virginia Transition Assistance Program)

Transitioning Servicemembers, as well as their spouses, will get assistance via the VA transit benefit program. This will work as a referral service that will help you in resume review, connection with different companies for employment, introduction to the labour market etc.

Troops to Trucks

If you are a military member or veteran who is separated for 12 months just need to pass a knowledge test to get a CDL license. Moreover, road skill test is also waived but this applies only to those military members who have driving experience of 2 or more years of bus/truck.

Virginia Veterans Education Benefits

As we are aware that education is very important but costly nowadays. Are there any facilities for the Veterans living in the state of Virginia? Virginia VA education benefits assisting in the educational expenditure of Veterans, military members, their dependents, children, and spouses as well.

If we look at the criteria then only those Veterans who are killed during army operation, war prisoners, or disabled more than 90% during their service are eligible for the program. Virginia 100 disabled veteran education benefits help in paying tuition and fees at any state college or institute for 36 months.

Virginia Veterans Recreation Benefits

Recreational activities are very important especially for the fitness and freshness of mind. Veterans who are living in Virginia can also enjoy the recreational benefits at different state parks and public places. Here are the details:

Hunting & Fishing Licenses

As hunting and fishing is the best recreational activity. If you are a veteran and looking for a Hunting and fishing license then it is good news for you that you can get a lifetime license. Veterans of Virginia who are 70% or more disabled can apply for the fishing and hunting license at a discounted price. Active Duty Hunting & Fishing License is also available for the Veterans who are in Virginia. This license is available at the resident rate.

State park Benefits

As we said before that Veterans having a disability of 100% can get a free entry pass to any state park. The helper of the veterans is also allowed with disabled veterans as a helper. This free entry pass also covers the 50% discount on horse riding, camping, swimming and equipment rent etc. For this benefit, you don’t need to have a residency in Virginia.

Veterans Cemeteries in Virginia

There are 3 Veterans cemeteries Amelia, Dublin, and Suffolk. Those Veterans who work as Veteran and have a clear record can be buried at no cost and if a family member of the Veteran is eligible then he/she can be buried in these cemeteries at low cost.

Stay Tuned for Latest Updates regarding the Veterans Benefits

As you know that every day we can see updates regarding the policy changes in the benefits. For this reason, you need to stay tuned to get the latest updates regarding different benefits and discounts for Veterans. If you are looking for some details you can ask us in the comment section below.

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