Benefits offered by New York for Veterans | NYC Veterans Benefits

The state of New York provides several New York veterans benefits. This page explains those benefits. Below are the several benefits which the state of New York offered for veterans.

Benefits offered by New York for Veterans

New York State Housing Benefits for Veterans

Veterans with an honourable discharge from the armed force are eligible for housing benefits. Also, the surviving spouses of veterans can get VA home loan NYC. For eligibility, the residence of the New York State is a must. Homes for veterans are in Batavia, Long Island, Montrose, Oxford, and St. Albans.

New York disabled veteran benefits from being financially assisted through this program by providing homes. Veterans with a service-connected disability of 100% may be eligible to get this benefit if the income of veterans is below 120% of the area’s median income.

The loan program for homes has fixed-rate mortgages with 0.375%. The interest rate for this program is low as compared to the interest rate charged on SONYMA mortgages with the assistance of a down payment. Active duty veterans, Retired veterans from the force with honour, and guard members are eligible for the loan for a home program.

Financial Benefits For the Veterans of New York

If the veteran is a resident of the Newyork state before joining the military force then the income tax for active-duty is free if the veteran has the following criteria:

  • There is no permanent home for the veteran in the New York state
  • The veteran maintains permanent residency of abode out from New York during the 1 year.
  • Less than 1 month stay in the Newyork during 1 year.

Property Tax Exemptions For Veterans

There is 3 NYC veterans property tax exemption for the Veterans of New York State. These benefits depend on the service-connected disabilities rating.

  1. Those veterans who served the country in any war or those veterans who received the medals are eligible for alternative veterans’ exemptions.
  2.  Veterans who served the country in the period of the cold war can get Tax exemptions.
  3. The Eligible Funds Exemption – for a property that a veteran buys with pension, bonus, or insurance funds. The property which the veterans bought with insurance funds or pension may be Tax exemptions.

You need to fill out the application before the due taxes are due. Surviving spouses of deceased veterans can also get the NY VA benefits that depend upon the service of the spouse.

Burial Allowance for the  Military Members

Veterans who died in the war and active duty in hostile are eligible for the burial allowance of $6,000. Veterans on Sept 2003 or after this are eligible for this benefit.

Blind Annuity of the State of New York

It is the program launch to help the blind wartime veterans and the surviving spouse of the dead veterans. Blindness is a must to get this benefit but service-connected blindness is no need for this.

E-Z Pass for Disabled Veterans of New York State

Disabled Veterans of the State of New York can get the benefit of unlimited travel anywhere from the Thruway Authority. Also, you can get the registration of your motor vehicle free from the Motor vehicle department.

New York offer Death Benefits

The family of the veterans who were killed in a combat zone can get the supplemental burial allowance of $6,000.

Employment Benefits For New York Veteran

Ten-point additional credit preference toward original appointment for disabled wartime veterans; five points for wartime service; and two and a half points for other veterans.  Job retention rights applicable to veterans and spouses of totally disabled veterans.

Additional points give to the veterans for job employments. For the disabled veterans 10 additional credit point for the preference of job, 5 points for the veterans of wartime, and 2.5 point

Military Service Credit for State & Local Retirement System Members

You may be entitled to receive additional credit towards retirement for your military service through New York State and local retirement systems.

There are different sections of the law that allow the crediting of qualifying military service. Once the Retirement System receives your request, they will determine under what section you qualify for.

New York State Peddler’s License

New York State Veterans with other than dishonourable discharges are eligible to apply for a free lifetime Veterans Peddler’s License provided the veteran served overseas.

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