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Several benefits provide to the disabled veterans of Arizona based on the disability rating that the Department of veterans affairs set for the veterans. Rating of disability for veterans in the range of 0 to 100% on the basis of which Arizona veterans benefits 2022 assigned. Department of veterans affairs examines the physical and mental health of the veterans from time to time to set the disability rating of the veterans.

Benefits for the State Of Arizona

The veteran’s affairs department provides the disability rating on the based physical and mental condition of the veterans. The disability of veterans must be service-connected like injuries which the veterans got in war during service.

Military members sacrifice their lives for the honor of the country. Some Veterans fought in different wars for the country and got service-connected disabilities of different types. Veterans as well as their families face hurdles because of the tough job of the veterans. To honor the veterans because of their services for the country state of Arizona provide many benefits to veterans and their dependents.

For the different disability ratings assigned by the department of veterans affairs, the State of Arizona provides different benefits for disabled veterans and their dependents.


Housing benefits, health care benefits, vehicle grant benefits, and more are offered by the government for the beneficiaries. For more benefits for the veteran of Arizona State, we discuss below.

Arizona state preference for Job

To honour the service of the military members and their families the State of Arizona provides this benefit to veterans and their dependents. Children and the spouse of disabled Veterans are preferred for jobs in some departments in the state of Arizona. Retired veteran with honour from the Armed force is eligible also for jobs in such departments. The surviving spouses also get benefits of the preference of job.

After examining the disability of the veterans by the department of veterans affairs veterans can get the extra 5 points for job preference for their dependents. If the disability rating is 100%, such veterans can get 5 points extra for a job preference as a 100 % disabled veteran benefits Arizona.

For five-point service of the veterans for the country must be 6 months at least and discharged from service with honours. If the veteran is not a resident of Arizona State then he will not be eligible for such benefit because residency in Arizona for this benefit is a must. Veterans who get the benefit from the veteran’s affairs department on the base only can get 10 points.

Surviving spouses of the veterans which died due to service-connected disability can get 5 points on the certification score by the state.

Arizona’s state Veterans tool kits program

This is a very helpful program for veterans and their dependents. Through this program veterans get the necessary supplies to state their business.

Many veterans do have not enough money the starting their businesses. The state of Arizona helps such veterans to provide money for starting their own work. For getting a veterans tool kit, it is a must for the veterans to have a residency in Arizona.

For this program, veterans need to fill out the application and submit it with the necessary information.

Family Relief Fund for Arizona Veterans

The active veterans retired military members, and disabled military members get the military fund through the Arizona State. 20,000 dollars is the lifetime amount for the veterans and dependents. Veterans in an emergency can get the military fund up to 3,000 dollars through the state.

The concept of providing the fund is to help the veterans and their families in times of deployment. The fund is provided to help the members to pay:

In deployment time, fund providing is helpful for veterans and their dependents. Through this money, the military members can pay

  • The food cost expenses
  • Utility expenses
  • Medical services amount and prescriptions
  • Other necessities of military members.

Property Tax exemptions for the Military Members

According to the policy of Arizona State, the complete service-connected disabled veterans and their surviving spouses are exempt from the tax. Service-connected veterans with 10 to 90% disability rating can get tax exemption on their houses also.

The rate of tax exemption is completely dependent on the service-connected disability rating percentage. Spouses of those veterans who died on active duty are also eligible for tax exemptions.

State of Arizona purple heart tuition waiver

For the eligibility of this benefit, the veterans and dependents of the veterans are the residents of Arizona State otherwise not eligible. Following are the criteria for eligibility:

  • The veterans died in active duty or war
  • The veterans listed by the defense department
  • Veteran’s dependents meet the eligibility criteria

After completing the above criteria the dependents can apply for the Purple Heart tuition waiver. The scholarship is for:

  • The disability rating of the veterans required 50% or greater for receiving the Purple Heart medal.
  • The disabled veteran’s dependents below 30 years or the spouse who is unmarried after the death military member
  • The National Guard members received the Purple Heart medal or who were retired due to service-connected disability from the force.

Hunting and fishing license for Veterans

For the resident veterans of Arizona State, the state provides the hunting and fishing license-free or at a discount rate. It will cover fishing, hunting, and more permits for veterans.

If the disability rating is licenses of the veteran is 100% then he will be eligible to get this license free of cost.

If the disability rating of the veteran is 60 % or greater then he will be eligible to get this license at a much discounted rate.

Veterans cemeteries in Arizona State

For the burial of the veterans and their dependents, the state cemetery of Arizona takes no charges. For the free burial in veterans cemeteries of the Arizona State, residency of Arizona is mandatory for the veterans and their dependents.

There are 3 cemeteries in Arizona State for veterans and their dependents. For the burial in these 3 cemeteries, there will be no charges for the veterans and their dependents.

If the veteran retired from the force then he will be eligible for the burial benefits otherwise with dishonor discharge from force veterans can not get this benefit.




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