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For NJ disabled veterans, there are many benefits provided by the Veterans Department of New Jersey State. It is considered the primary care provider for all the services of medical and health care. Moreover, education benefit is also part of State benefits. Here we are sharing details showing different benefits for the military members and Veterans and their dependents.

New Jersey State Best Veterans Benefits

When veterans died during the wars to serve the country then families of such veterans face many hurdles. Dependent of dead veterans needs substantial support from the government.

Veterans who serve the country in any war is called war veteran. Because of the services of these veterans for the country, the government gives different benefits as a reward. The reward is given to these veterans in various forms like scholarships to their children.

For the qualification for different scholarships, there will be different criteria. Children can get free education through scholarships after fulfilling the eligibility criteria.

New Jersey state veteran benefits List:

Income Tax benefits for veterans

Tax payment is more important than being a citizen of any state. A resident of New Jersy State veterans are eligible for NJ Veterans Benfits after the completion of the following criteria:

  • The veteran has no permanent home during the year when the Tax was due.
  • The veteran is able to spend 1 month in New Jersey State.
  • The veteran has a permanent home but not in New Jersey State.

New Jersey Veterans Employment Benefits

The state of New Jersey prefers disabled veterans and their dependents for the job. Retired veterans from the force with honour are also preferred for jobs by the state of New Jersey. Surviving spouses are also eligible for a job preference.

Complete disabled veterans and children of the complete disabled veterans get extra 5 points when they give the examination for a state job. Five-point has given to those military members who have 6-month service at least or retired with honour from a force

New Jersey State residency is necessary for the receiving of extra 5 points. Disabled veterans discharged with honour from force and get the benefits from the department of veterans affairs are eligible for extra 10 points on the test scores.

Surviving spouse of the dead veteran because of service-connected disability gets 5 points extra on the certification score. This will be provided after the necessary verification of the required documents.

New Jersey State Veterans status for the pension

The disabled veterans who are employed by the department of state are eligible for additional benefits by the New Jersey state. The conditions are applied to that veteran who is an employee at the New Jersey public employee, police retiree, or teacher.

New Jersey states give extra benefits to those disabled veterans who are employed by the state. Public employees of New Jersey who retired from the police, or teachers are eligible for additional benefits.

There is a major difference between retirement from the state and retirement from the veterans’ affairs department. The retirement from the department of veterans affairs service range is 5 years to 25 years.

What is Tuition Assistance Benefit for War Orphans?

Children of the dead veterans due to service-connected disabilities as well as children of military members are eligible to get the amount of $500 per year. This amount provided for helping the children of veterans to complete their 4-year education of college.

Residency of the New Jersey State for Tuition assistance benefit is a must otherwise children of military members are not eligible for this benefit.

The child of age 16 and 21 are eligible for the scholarship. The veteran’s child must also be a resident of the state of New Jersey.

Children in the range of 16 years to 21 years can qualify for this scholarship and have residency in New Jersey. If you are fulfilling the said requirements then you can apply for the benefit by giving an application to VA Department.

Active Duty Personnel License

Miliary members with New Jersey State residency can get a license of fishing and hunt for free. With this license military members can do fishing and other permits free or at the low cast.

Permanently disabled veterans are also eligible to get a free license for fishing and hunting. With a 60% disability rating, disabled veterans can get this license at a discount rate.

Military members on active duty are also eligible for this benefit so they can also get hunting and fishing licenses at a discount price. Residence conditions for active-duty military members are no must. So he can station any place but benefit given to the active military members by the New Jersey State.

Cemetery Of New Jersey State for Veteran 

For the burial of military members and their dependents, New Jersy State allows the burial. Residency of New Jersey is a must for the veterans and their dependents for burial.

Veterans with an honourable discharge from the force are eligible for free burial in the State cemetery. This will be an award for you from the state.

New Jersey State Catastrophic entitlement

Disabled veterans benefits NJ for100% service-connected disability rating veterans who can not perform any task. The state of New Jersey provides the amount of $62.50 on monthly basis to complete disabled veterans after qualification for this benefit.

For this benefit complete disabled veterans need to fulfil certain conditions. Disabled veterans must have disabilities such as eyesight loss, one limb loss or both, mental disabled, or other.

For this benefit, the surviving spouses of the permanently disabled veterans are also eligible so they also can get the catastrophic entitlement through the State of New Jersey.

Conclusive Note

Here on this forum, we will share different benefits and discounts which are specifically for those who serve the military in any aspect. Being a part of the military or as a Veteran, there are a lot of discounts and offers available for you. As you know that discount policies change over time. If you want to avail of any discount then you need to stay tuned for the latest updates. We will share with you different discounts offers at different events. If there is anything you want to learn about, just ask in the comment section below.

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