What is Social Security Benefits for Disable Veterans having PTSD?

PTSD is basically representing post-traumatic stress disorder. In such a situation human mind is unable to work properly after fracing serious traumatic events. After such a situation, the mental health situation of the individual completely disturbed. In such a situation, Social Security and VA Compensation work as a remedy.

What is Social Security Benefits for Disable Veterans having PTSD

We are aware that our Veterans are serving our nation and face terrible issues while performing their duty. If any Veteran faces a PTSD situation during their service or after the service then they are completely or partially disabled person. When we include them in disabled persons then they are eligible for different military benefits. One of the important programs is Social Security Benefits for the disabled Veterans.


What covers under Social Security Benefits for Disabled Veterans

When we look at the social security benefits, the first thing that comes to mind is how much we can benefit from such a program. Social security benefits are basically a complete program. You can get the advantage of this program only when you are part of the program. So you need to join the program at first. The benefit amount you will get depends on the money you earned.

Social Security Benefits For Disabled Veterans and Dependents

This offer is not specific only to Veterans, but if the wife of a veteran is a working woman, they can join the program as well. Veteran spouses can take benefit from the program. You can get the money by showing the documents of your working wife. The dependents of the veterans can take money in case of the death of a veteran. So if you are thinking about future problems then this is the best opportunity for you to get social security benefits. This program will provide you with money when you are eligible for the program. VA disability and social security disability benefits you will get will depend on the time period when you join the program, and your age according to birth year.

What are the Symptoms of PTSD?

  • Remembrance of unwanted memories
  • Mental capability disturbed
  • Mostly fearful especially during sleep
  • Most commonly anxiety and depression
  • They are not fit to perform or handle any task properly
  • They always feel loneliness and stay away from the people

Is the Social Security Benefits also available for Disabled Veterans who are Diagnosed with PTSD?

This is also the concern of many individuals who are a proper part of the social security benefit will they get the VA compensation and SSDI after recovery from PTSD? As you are aware, your disability is measured by the Veteran Affairs department. If they include you as a disabled person having a rating of 30% disability, you are a disabled veteran. If during treatment you feel better and the rating considered you as a normal veteran then you can apply for a different program. As programs for both conditions are separate. Here we are sharing the details of both of the programs.

VA Disability Benefits

As we have share details with you before that if you are a disabled veteran according to the reports of the Veteran Affairs department then you are eligible for this program. This is basically a social security program which helps in times of need. But to take benefits it is necessary to be a part of the program. You can get a Disability benefit only after the verification of the documents as per policy. These benefits are actually specific for PTSC cases. You can get a different types of benefits. Details are just given here.

1. You can receive Money/Cash:

Being a beneficiary of the program it is possible for you to get the cash for different purposes. The cash is provided to you according to your reports. If the disability ratio increases you will get more cash for proper treatment etc. The cash is also given for other purposes such as education, vehicle repairment, house modification etc. The family of the veteran can also receive cash/money as per the program policy. Veterans having different disability ratios will get different cash amount ratios. Just check the detailed chart below:

  • $0 per month for 0% disability rating
  • $144.14 per month for a 10% disability rating
  • $441.35 per month for 30% disability rating
  • $905.04 per month for 50% disability rating
  • $144.71 per month for 70% disability rating
  • $3146.42 per month for 100% disability rating

 2. Disable Veterans can receive VA Pension

Another service for disabled Veterans is VA Pension. This service is only available to those veterans who are the victim of injury or a syndrome during their military service. This service will provide cash to veterans on monthly basis in order to fulfil their monthly expenses. If you are receiving a VA pension then you are not eligible for the Social Security Benefit. At a time only a single facility is available for a disabled veteran. If you compare both of the benefits the VA pension is suitable because the cash amount is more than the social security benefit.

Social Security Insurance Benefit

The insurance benefit is directly related to the income of the Veterans. If the income is greater then the insurance as a social security benefit will be greater. If you are a blind, aged or disabled veteran you can get the advantage of this program. Moreover, disabled and deserving veterans will also get Medicare and Tricare benefit. Before moving towards the program here are a few things you have to check before joining.

  • Due to disability veteran is unable to work properly.
  • The Syndrome is affecting for more than 1 year.
  • According to reports due to disability, veterans will not be able to do any task properly in future.
  • Submit an application immediately during the syndrome to avail Social Security Insurance Benefit
  • After application veterans have to wait for 5 months to receive the first payment

On a conclusive note, we have tried our best to share the complete details regarding social security benefits for the Veterans who are facing PTSD. Now it is up to you how you can take advantage of the above-mentioned program. If you need more details regarding anything, you can ask in the comments section below. Stay tuned for the latest updates and discounts for Veterans, especially on Veterans Day 2021.

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