Lowa Veterans Benefits

IDVA Benefit Specialists

The IDVA staff incorporates benefits trained professionals, authorized by the U.S. Branch of Veterans Affairs, who have practical experience in government VA benefits, just as state benefits. They instruct veterans and relatives with respect to veterans concerning government VA benefits they might be qualified to get. These incorporate annuity, incapacity remuneration, and other subordinate advantages. Advantage experts can likewise address inquirers with government claims and survey all correspondence as per those professes to decide whether an honoured activity or refusal was right. For extra data, kindly call the IDVA office at 515-252-4698 or 800-838-4692 and request an advantage subject matter expert.

Lowa Veterans Benefits

Grant for Injured Veterans

This award gives up to $10,000 to support individuals or released veterans who supported genuine injury in the line of obligation in a space where the veteran was getting dangerous obligation pay after September 11, 2001. (Injury classes are characterized in DOD Joint Publication 1-02.)

Data: Injured Veterans Grant Program

Apply: Iowa Injured Veteran Grant Application

Homeownership Assistance

This $5,000 award is accessible to an assistance part who is purchasing a home in the territory of Iowa. Individuals more likely than not served training for deployment on or after September 11, 2001, and bought a home after March 10, 2005. The qualification has been extended to incorporate help individuals who served 90 days of well-trained between August 2, 1990, and April 6, 1991.

Data: Military Service Member Homeownership Assistance

Contact: To find out additional, call 1-800-432-7230

Local charge Exemption

This advantage decreases a veteran’s evaluated home estimation for local charge purposes by $1,852. To qualify, an assistance part more likely than not served ready for deployment during a time of war or for at least year and a half during peacetime.

Data: Iowa Property Tax

Apply: Property Tax Exemption Application

Incapacitated Veteran’s Homestead Tax Credit

This enactment, from the year 2014, gives 100% exception of local charges for 100% incapacitated assistance associated with veterans and Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) beneficiaries.

Data: Department of Iowa Revenue

Apply: Disabled Veteran’s Homestead Tax Credit Application

Military Retirement Tax Exemption

This enactment, from the year 2014, absolves government retirement pay got for military assistance and survivor benefits from state individual annual duty.

Data: Military Retirement Tax Information

Veterans Designation on Iowa Drivers Licenses and IDs

Decently released veterans might demand the “Veteran” assignment be set on their driver’s permit or non-administrator ID card. The veteran should introduce a duplicate of their DD214 or appropriate release report to the Iowa DOT. The veteran should then finish an Iowa DOT Application structure. Note: Veterans might demand the “veteran” assignment whenever they look for another card, not exactly at the hour of reestablishment. The expense for a copy DL or nonoperator ID is $10.00.

Data: Veterans License Designation

Apply: Veteran License Application

Lifetime Hunting and Fishing License

Veterans in receipt of something like a 0% assistance associated incapacity can get a lifetime hunting or fishing permit for a $7.00 charge. To qualify, the Iowa occupant more likely than not served on dynamic government administration and was debilitated because of that help.

Apply: Hunting and Fishing License Application


Decently released veterans (as characterized in the Code of Iowa 35.1 ) are qualified to buy strength veteran tags for their vehicles. These uncommon plates are accessible for an extra charge through the Iowa Department of Transportation.

Data: Iowa DOT Military License Plates

Apply: Veterans License Plate Applications

Iowa Veterans Trust Fund

The State of Iowa has set up a multi-million dollar asset to offer particular types of assistance to veterans. Starting in December 2007, interest from this asset has been accessible to give help to Iowa veterans and their families. Right now, reserves are utilized for joblessness or underemployment help because of administration related causes, help with vision, hearing, dental consideration, sturdy clinical hardware, and professionally prescribed medications; directing and substance misuse administrations; vehicle fixes; lodging fix; and temporary lodging in a crisis. Trust store consumptions are endorsed through the Iowa Veterans Commission.

Apply: Iowa Veterans Trust Fund Information: Iowa Veterans Trust Fund

Branstad/Reynolds Scholarship Fund

The Branstad-Reynolds Scholarship store gives present auxiliary instructive grants on offspring of perished military help individuals who kicked the bucket while in a functioning military status after September 11, 2001. The Scholarship is managed by the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines.

Data and Application: Branstad/Reynolds Scholarship Fund

War Orphan Tuition Assistance:

Offspring of Iowa veterans killed in real life following September 11, 2001, are qualified for up to $11,844.00 each year in educational cost help at an Iowa post-optional foundation. Youngsters qualify up to the age of (26). Wards of those killed in real life preceding September 11, 2001, are qualified for $600 each year with a limit of $3,000. Residency is needed to get this advantage.

Data: War Orphan Tuition Assistance

Apply: War Orphan Tuition Assistance Application


The Iowa Department of Education has been assigned by the legislative leader of the province of Iowa as the area for the Iowa State Approving Agency. The State Approving Agency is liable for supporting all GI Bill programs in Iowa for veterans and other qualified people. (Program endorsement is a component of the State not the Department of Veterans Affairs.)

Data: Iowa Department of Education Veterans and Military Education

Contact Information:

Michael Dommer, Consultant – Michael.Dommer@iowa.gov

Telephone: 515.281.3516

Rebecca Griglione, Assistant – Rebecca.Griglione@iowa.gov

Telephone: 515.281.3317 Ext. 3317

Post 9/11 GI Bill Information

Public Guard Tuition Benefits

Present Iowa National Guard individuals on favourable terms are qualified for up to $2,700 per semester for full-time enlistment. Low maintenance understudies are qualified for $196 each semester hour. Furthermore, Guard individuals who are prepared will get an educational cost discount.

Data: National Guard Tuition Benefits

Contact Information:To learn more call, 515-252-4579

Activity Recognition High School

This program outfits a privileged secondary school confirmation to qualifying veterans who didn’t finish secondary school (in Iowa) because of furnished help enrollment. The application structure is utilized by the IDVA and the Department of Education to set up qualification for decently released veterans.

Apply: Operation Recognition High School

Iowa Veterans Cemetery

The Iowa Veterans Cemetery started procedure on July 3, 2008. Found 10 miles west of Des Moines, close to Van Meter, the graveyard is accessible to all veterans, their life partners, and ward youngsters for entombment. Respectably released veterans will be entombed at no charge and life partners/wards will be covered for a $300 expense.

Data: Iowa Veterans Cemetery

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