Alaska Veteran Grants 2023

The United States government has made available $3,706.00 in government grants and $3,624.00 in statewide federal grants for those who qualify. Veterans currently living in the state of Alaska may be eligible to apply for a variety of veterans grants and benefits. According to the local military office in Alaska, to qualify for veterans assistance:

You must be a veteran who was commissioned into the Army, Navy, or Air Force before Sep 7, 1980. Or:
You must be a veteran who was commissioned into the Army, Navy, or Air Force after Sep 7, 1980, with at least 2 years of active duty.

Veteran Health Care Benefits Alaska

All veterans in Alaska can apply for additional Alaska health care benefits for veterans that are provided by the federal government. There are currently 77,000 veterans in Alaska state – 68,500 men and 8,500 women. They will be able to receive veterans’ health care benefits as long as they qualify for veterans’ assistance.

Veteran Grants for Disabled in Alaska

There are above 57,900 soldiers currently in Alaska who are “wartime” veterans, meaning they participated in 1 of the following wars:

More than 27,500 of the 57,900 soldiers who entered and survived the Gulf War
More than 26,800 of the 57,900 soldiers who enlisted and survived the Vietnam era
More than 3,900 of the 57,900 soldiers entered and survived the Korean War
More than 2,600 of the 57,900 soldiers who entered and survived World War II
Veterans who have been permanently injured during a historic war or who are on active duty are eligible to apply for and receive Alaska Disabled Veterans Benefits and Grants from military agencies in Alaska.

Veteran Education Grants, Veteran Small Business Grants, and Veteran Housing Grants in Alaska

The Alaska Financial Corporation has established government grants for college education, small business loans, and home grants only for eligible Alaska state veterans. It doesn’t matter if you are a “wartime” veteran or a “peacetime” veteran, there are veterans grants available to anyone who has served or is currently enlisting in the military, who Navy and/or Air Force. For example, not only are Alaskan veterans eligible to apply for small business loans available to all Alaska residents, they can also apply for small business loans for veterans. On the other hand, housing and education.

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