Christmas 2023 for Military Personnel

The holidays can be difficult for service members and their family members who are separated by deployments or who are struggling financially. The stress and difficulty of landing a job can create a lonely vacation situation for overseas workers and their families who are stuck in a difficult situation at home. Also, many families who are blessed and able to work together can escape the added financial burden that Christmas brings to many every year.

Christmas day 2023 will be celebrated on Monday, December 25, 2023.

Christmas is deeply rooted in our sense of tradition and celebration. When combined with the efforts of the military, there is a strong presence of strength, unity, and joy that affects all American families, uniting military and non-military families and knowing the spirit of giving and giving something.

Members serve on all 7 continents – there is a staff member in Antarctica – and on all oceans. Military personnel serve in more than 170 countries of the world. Christmas has long been celebrated in the military, even during the war.

History of Christmas in the Military

The Christmas celebration of 1914 was perhaps the most famous Christmas celebration in the military. By Christmas Eve, soldiers on the British and German sides began to celebrate Christmas with each other. The sound of gunfire and gunfire descended on the western side of Belgium and was replaced by a festive, albeit cautious, celebration in the harbor. The Germans caused this temporary “riot” and began by singing Christmas carols and placing Christmas trees by the lake. On Christmas morning, the German army appeared unarmed, shouting “Merry Christmas” to the British allies at the port across no man’s land. This display of goodwill between enemies came only five months after the war broke out in Europe, and is perhaps the most recent example of chivalry among enemies in war. This idea of ​​doing good among the enemy was never repeated again, as similar attempts were thwarted by threats of discipline from military leaders. Not even a world war can destroy the Christmas spirit.

Christmas Military Traditions and Charitable Actions

The military has a long reputation for taking care of itself and providing good support for family needs in a wide variety of situations. Military families often come together, especially when a member is deployed, to create a strong support system that boosts morale and builds morale in times of uncertainty. By connecting with squadron friends and their families, military families can experience the spirit of Christmas and the holidays that are filled with it, developing different traditions during each holiday season.

Military families can benefit much from tradition, which can help reduce the need to send a family member overseas. Traditional ideas include: countdown calendars, neighborhood fireworks tours, Christmas pajamas, cookie parties, decorations, and holiday parties. Even the smallest of traditions can provide families with precious pillars of hope and comfort during the holidays. Charities are especially important during the holidays, providing support and valuable resources to military families in need. Here are some great resources for charities that help veterans and their families:

Operation Holiday Joy

Created to raise awareness and funds for service members and their family members during the holidays, providing food and toys to family members in need.

Trees for Troops

Trees for the Military makes the holidays a better for thousands of military families with free Christmas trees delivered to bases across the United States and overseas. The organization has donated above 120,000 trees since 2005, contributing to North American arboriculture and the public.

Let Freedom Ring

Hoping to reduce vacation burden and stress for military personnel in the Middle East by providing care packages home. Provides many areas of assistance, from financial hardship assistance to the recovery of wounded warriors and appreciation ceremonies for soldiers and spouses.

Operation Homefront

New and unboxed toys are collected in the fall of each year to be distributed among the children in need at Christmas. For extra resources, you can contact your family’s foundation or support center, local VFW chapter, and even non-military groups.

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