Veterans Trust Fund

Veterans trust fund (VTF) has the main focus to assist and support the veterans of Pennsylvania and their families. Pennsylvania military dept and veterans affairs administered it.

There are different organizations in the country that get the grant through VTF such as veterans service organizations and veterans affairs county directors. These organizations use the grant to assist veterans in need and living necessities.

Veterans Trust Fund 2022

VA Trust Fund Sources

VTF funding was established by law (51 Pa.C.S. § 1721) and its sources are below:

  • Transfer of funds after the former Scotland School sale for the Children of vet
  • People donate $3 to volunteers when applying for the renewal of the driving license and at the time of registration renewal.
  • Online donation from people.

The donation goes to the Veterans Transfer Fund

There are no DMVA charges, no administration cost, salaries, or contract cost to the fund so we can say that there is no deduction and 100% donation goes to the Veterans transfer fund.

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