Va Loan Down Payment Funding Fee

For Va loan mortgage insurance is not required and you will pay VA loan funding fee just a single time.

How much VA funding fee at Various Down Payments?

VA funding fee down payment amount depends on the amount you put down and if you had back VA loan before in the past. For the first VA purchase loan, fees are 2.3% with 0 down payment. With a downpayment of 5 to 9.9%, the fee is 1.65%. With a VA funding fee with 10 per cent down per cent or above the fee is 1.4%.

Purchase loan and VA cash-out refinance loans have the same funding fees. The fee for IRRRL  is 0.5% for the first time.

Va loan down payment funding fee

VA funding fee exemption

If you have the following criteria then you will be exempt (Waived) from VA funding fee 2022

  • If you receive the compensation because of service-connected disabilities.
  • Surviving spouse who died because of a service-connected disability or died during service.
  • An active military member who received the purple heart.

VA funding fee refund

You can refund the VA funding fee if you are awarded the VA compensation for a service-connected disability.

Funding fees apply to all the purchases but veterans and military buyers who received compensation because of a service-connected disability are exempt from the funding fee. Surviving spouses, purple heart recipient veterans, veterans eligible to get compensation due to service-connected disability, and also active military members are exempt.

VA funding fee Percentage

VA funding fee percentage is 2.3 of the borrowed amount with a VA home loan. If someone uses the VA loan program already then the percentage of the funding fee increase to 3.6%, but maybe decreases after putting 5 per cent down at closing.

Funding fees may vary because of several factors like loan type, Whether the borrower uses it the first time or used it before, borrowers might not pay all it because of a service-connected disability.

As compared to the National Guard members, regular military members pay less funding fee but in the previous year funding fee is the same for all the branches of the military due to the passing of the Veterans Act Blue Water Navy Vietnam.

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