How to Get a va id card

How to Get a VA ID Card? | Veteran ID card (VIC)

For the veterans, there is a veterans id card application process available to get the veterans identification card (VIC).

For the Veteran ID card, veterans with honourable service can apply by providing military service proof. After that veterans can get theHow to Get a va id card promotional discount and other services after the acceptance by retailers in lieu of the DD-214 form.

New VIC is the convenient and efficient card that veterans use to show proof of service. In the presence of a new VIC, there is no need to carry DD-214 papers for veterans’ discounts and other offers.


VIC is the best for those veterans who have minimum obligated service time, but for medical discharge and retirement, it is not enough. Veterans with an honourable discharge from force can apply for VIC.


After the date of applying, veterans will get this card within 2 months. You can also get the digital version of this card.

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