VA Individual Unemployability

If you are unable to work because of a disability related to military service (Veterans individual unemployability), you may qualify for what is called “personal unemployment.” This means that you will receive the same level of disability benefits or benefits as the Veteran with a 100% disability rating.

VA Individual Unemployability

Do you qualify for a Veterans Disability Allowance?

If you meet both conditions, you may be eligible for VA individual unemployability and social security disability benefits.

Both must be true.

60% or more at least one service-related disability, or two or more service-related disabilities, at least one disability greater than or equal to 40%, for an overall rating greater than 70%.

A service-related disability prevents you from financially maintaining a stable job that supports you (largely known as paid work). Stranger (marginal employment) does not count. Note: In some cases (such as when you need to be hospitalized frequently), you may be less likely to have a disability.


Who will be covered?


What are the benefits?

Health care


How can I get these benefits?

You need to claim disability compensation for VA individual unemployability benefits. At the time of support, you must submit proof materials (medical certificate, health certificate, etc.) showing that stable employment is not possible due to disability. We also review the background of your work and education.


Example: A veteran has service-related heart disease with a disability rate of 60%. Until last year, when she began to feel her chest pain when doing physical tasks such as walking and boxing, she was still able to function. His doctor asked him to retire as soon as possible. He applied for more disability benefits. We reviewed his employment and education and agreed that he was individually disabled due to a service-related disability. So we increased his disability benefits to the same rate as total disability individual unemployability.

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