Teaching kids about Veterans Day 2023: Resources and Ideas

Veterans Day is an event to respect and express gratefulness to the individuals who have served or are serving in the military. Sandwiched between the energy of Halloween and Thanksgiving, this day can sometimes go unrecognized by kids, yet I do like training kids about Veterans Day and beginning to assist them with understanding its importance. There are some extremely straightforward and age-proper ways we can encourage little youngsters to extend regard and appreciation to veterans. Here are a few Veterans Day exercises, showing assets, and surprisingly some free printables.

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Teaching kids about Veterans Day 2022


Assist kids with understanding what veterans’ identity is. Grown-ups regularly depict veterans as troopers, individuals who wear garbs and live on army installations. Obviously, these things are valid, however, they can be extremely dynamic for youngsters who aren’t acquainted with military families. Also, all things considered, kids experience numerous veterans consistently; they could very well not understand it.

Last year I was so moved by a Veterans Day 2023 Speech given by a companion and associate. She is presently a kindergarten instructor, and no one would figure she was a veteran or the recollections she conveys with her on the off chance that they didn’t have the foggiest idea about her actually. She helped all to remember the children at our school that veterans are all over the place. They are our instructors, overseers, mailmen, specialists, and store agents. Also, we can say thanks to them by and by on Veterans Day and consistently for their support of our country.

Must talk with kids about:

people they realize who are veterans (family, companions, school staff, church individuals, and so forth)

The work of the military members (what it resembles being a trooper)

Things troopers penance to keep our nation free (family time, occasions, extraordinary occasions with their kids, individual wellbeing)

Opportunities that we have as Americans


Be a model for your youngsters. At the point when you see a veteran, essentially say, “Thank you.” Our children gain from us. Talk with them concerning why you say thank you to the fighter at the supermarket and the officer you pass in the air terminal. It is a particularly basic demonstration of appreciation, yet it implies a great deal.

Get this free printable Veteran’s Day simple peruser to get more familiar with the parts of the military and make a thank you page for veterans.

Utilize this free printable Thank You note layout to send a card to say thanks to veterans.


Children can likewise make cards to say thank you to veterans they know. Indeed, even pre-scholars can make a basic card with tacky froth letters or by essentially shading a foundation that a grown-up can compose on. On the off chance that you live near a veteran, you could even assist your youngster make a few treats or one more treat to convey.


Numerous urban communities or schools have Veterans Day services or marches. Check your nearby local area schedules to discover which ones may be ideal to take your children to. We are anticipating going to the Veterans Ceremony in our neighbourhood end of the week.

Or on the other hand, you could even make your own imagined march! We made this very simple fighter create one year as a component of our Veterans day exercises.


Fighter’s Angels is one association committed to supporting troopers. There are numerous chances to reach out, including sending cards, care bundles, and then some.

You can likewise contact a neighbourhood association to get some information about aiding veterans in your own local area. The Military Wife and Mom share a rundown of things you should think about adding to a consideration bundle.

Become familiar with A VETERANS DAY SONG OR POEM

Tunes for Teaching has a considerable rundown of melodies to browse.

In Apple 4 the Teacher shares some verses and rhymes.

Your children may likewise prefer to attract an image to oblige the melody or sonnet you are learning together.


Read an image book about veterans or visit one of the sites beneath with your kid. We appreciated perusing these books this week.

Saint Dad by Melinda Hardin

H Is intended for Honor: A Military Family Alphabet by Devin Scillian

Children Thank a Vet incorporates numerous assets to assist kids with looking further into veterans. There are pictures of well-known veterans, book records, exercises, and significantly more.


In many pieces of the world, Veterans Day is called Remembrance Day, and the poppy is utilized as an image of this unique day. Assist kids with associating that these two observances are something similar, and get familiar with a bit more regards to the meaning of the poppy.

  • You may plant a few poppies and figure out how to convey them, or make a poppy make.
  • You may have a go at making a field of torn paper poppies,
  • showing excellent poppy suncatchers,
  • or then again making espresso channel poppies.


As children find out with regards to Veterans Day and diverse relatives who have served in the tactical they frequently have inquiries concerning the various parts of the US Military. Utilize these free printable military branch riddles to present the various branches.

Activity We Are Here shares a broad rundown of assets including 101 Ways to Thank a Vet.

About Veterans Day for Kids from Home School Coach incorporates realities, exercises, and proposed books.

At the Home School Mom, you will track down an extended rundown of PreK-12 assets that you can channel as indicated by your youngster’s grade level.

Add these free printable Veterans Day counting riddles to your numerical exercises.

You can likewise discover a few Veterans Day artworks and free printables on this Pinterest board.

If it’s not too much trouble, let me know in the remarks in case there are some other ways you and your family honour veterans on Veterans Day, and in case you are a veteran, I earnestly thank you for your administration and devotion.


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