Social Security Disability (SSD) For Veterans With PTSD

Can veterans determined to have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder get Social Security Disability (SSD)? The Social Security Administration supports Social Security Benefits for Veterans with PTSD who qualify, yet having PTSD isn’t sufficient to be granted SSD. What does it take to fit the bill for these handicap benefits?

Social Security Disability (SSD) For Veterans With PTSD

Social Security Disability For Veterans With PTSD Who Qualifies For SSD

SSD benefits for Veterans are approved for those with a complete inability who have paid a base measure of Social Security charges. SSD is likewise given for individuals with “low or no vision” in addition to widows or single men with handicaps, kids with inabilities, and, in the expressions of the SSA, “injured military help individuals.”

Social Security Administration Literature said you are viewed as completely impaired when:

  • You can’t accomplish the work you did previously
  • You can’t acclimate to other work in view of your inability
  • Your incapacity will “most likely last” for something like one year, or “cause you to kick the bucket”

The amount Does A Veteran Get With SSD?

There are various factors that will decide how much remuneration you get on the off chance that you fit the bill for SSD as a veteran with post-awful pressure issues. By and large, the people who qualify get SSD benefits dependent on age and the veteran’s normal lifetime profit. You can utilize the Social Security Administration online advantage adding machine to appraise what your SSD might be paid at.

Drawing Other Benefits Alongside SSD

Some can get SSD VA Disability while attracting different advantages and hate of pay covers. You might be qualified for Veterans Disability Benefits to get a few or all of your SSD benefits while likewise gathering:

  • Private benefits
  • Private protection
  • Veterans’ advantages
  • State or neighbourhood benefits (if Social Security charges were deducted)
  • Supplemental Security Income

Federal retirement aide Disability For Veterans With PTSD

To meet all requirements for SSA inability benefits around here, the veteran should not be able to perform “significant productive action” in view of a handicap expected to most recent a year or expected to “end in death”. There are pay restrictions set up that assist with deciding if the veteran meets SSA monetary need prerequisites.

In any case, before you can be assessed for your capacity to qualify dependent on monetary need, veterans are needed to present a case to the SSA that incorporates giving clinical proof from “an adequate clinical source” to survey the nature and seriousness of the condition.

This is valid for both mental and actual issues. Your PTSD analysis alone won’t be sufficient to fit the bill for SSD-proof is required.

The Social Security Administration requires each case to be surveyed and similar to presenting a case to the Department of Veterans Affairs for incapacity pay, the veteran should submit clinical proof including:

Data or proof of the problem from your doctor

The proof was given by a therapist

Proof from other medical services suppliers including yet not restricted to doctor partners, mental attendant professionals, authorized clinical social specialists, and so forth

What sort of documentation does the SSA require? However much detail as could reasonably be expected identified with:



  • Anticipated length of the condition
  • Clinical, mental, and mental history
  • The consequences of physical/mental tests, clinical meetings, mental or mental rating scales, and so forth
  • Mental testing, imaging results, and lab results where relevant
  • The sort, measurement, and valuable impacts of meds taken
  • The sort, recurrence, length, and valuable impacts of treatment you get

Any results of prescription

Your clinical course, remembering changes for your drug, treatment, or other treatment, and the time needed for helpful adequacy

Portrayals of how you work during assessments or treatment

While presenting this proof, treat the cycle similar accurate way veterans apply for VA pay for administration-associated clinical issues. Submit supporting proof including “mate letters,” tributes from loved ones regarding what the condition has meant for the veteran, and so on

Additionally present any proof from school or work that shows extraordinary thought, sensible convenience, data about Individualized Education Programs or IEPs, and so forth Any data about professional projects or business-related projects are likewise very accommodating.

Keep in mind, that the entirety of this proof and documentation is expected to build up that the veteran can’t keep up with “considerable beneficial movement”. It is vital to build up how extreme PTSD is and regardless of whether it debilitates the veteran’s capacity to live and work in a meaningful manner.

Data Coordination Between VA and SSA

The Department of Veterans Affairs and SSA are legally necessary to share certain data applicable to making claims with the two substances:

  • Clinical proof
  • Medical clinic records
  • Handicap judgments

Advantage receipt and instalment sums

In any case, it’s undependable to expect that the clinical proof you needed to submit as a feature of an application for Social Security advantages will be taken care of by the VA–consistently present every single important archive and proof as a component of your unique application bundle or with timing needed by the VA or SSA.

No one can say with any certainty if your clinical data has gotten lost, and it may not be just about as complete as your very own records–consistently step up to the plate and present all your proof like no different records were kept. It’s more proficient and except if you are told to apply in an unexpected way, it forestalls administrative postponements, formality, and so on

Five Questions Asked By The SSA

As a general rule, the Social Security Administration has a five-section survey that decides or builds up a veteran with PTSD’s capacity to fit the bill for SSD benefits. The accompanying inquiries are taken straightforwardly from SSA writing and you ought to anticipate something very similar to “disclosure measure” with your own case in case you are presenting an application for SSDI and VA Disability.

Is the individual occupied with SGA? On the off chance that indeed, deny. Assuming no, keep on venturing 2.

Is there a therapeutically definite impedance (or blend of debilitations) and is the weakness extreme and expected to most recent a year or end in death? Assuming no, deny. In the event that indeed, keep on venturing 3.

Does the hindrance meet, or equivalent in seriousness, a clinical posting? On the off chance that indeed, permit. Assuming no, keep on venturing 4.

Can the individual do his/her previous work? In the event that indeed, deny. Assuming no, keep on venturing 5.

Could the individual do some other work? In the event that indeed, deny. Assuming no, permit.

What You Need To Know About Social Security Disability Benefits

The first and most significant thing to comprehend about these advantages is that you can’t be in a rush to be endorsed for them–the cycle can require five months or more relying upon an assortment of components.

VA SSD benefits are paid with the agreement that the candidate might encounter an improvement in their condition; SSD is paid until the beneficiary can work again in situations where there is an improvement. Those with conditions that don’t further develop will keep on getting SSD benefits as long as that is valid.

The most effective method to Apply For SSD

You can apply on the web, face to face, or by telephone:

  • By telephone: (800) 772-1213
  • By TTY: (800) 325-0778
  • Web:
  • Face to face: Find your nearby Social Security office

At the point when you apply, have the accompanying prepared to submit:

  • Guaranteed duplicate of candidate’s introduction to the world declaration
  • Verification of lawful migration status if not brought into the world in the U.S. or on the other hand in a U.S. domain
  • Federal retirement aide numbers for you, your life partner, and minor youngsters were relevant
  • W-2/expense form from the year before
  • Clinical records (military and regular citizen)
  • Evidence of any remaining advantages
  • Structure DD 214, whenever released from the military
  • Reserve funds or financial records number for direct store

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