Month of Veterans and Military Families 2023

National Veterans and Military Family Month were established in 1996 by the Armed Forces YMCA, an event recognized annually by the U.S. government. Every November, the president signs a declaration to declare November month to be National Month for Veterans and Military Families, and thousands of officers have been sent abroad, acknowledging the daily sacrifices of active service, and guards.

Military Family Appreciation Month 2023

Excerpt from the announcement of the President of 2020: “During the National Veterans and Military Families Month, we will celebrate the of men and women in the uniforms of our country and acknowledge the sacrifices they have made in support of the heroes of our people.”

Month of Veterans and Military Families


Contact your local MWR or family services office to discover planned events and services in your area.

Many local and national services are provided during and after the November military appreciation month. Here are just a few: The package usually includes a military family month poster; a message from the President; a Letter from the ASYMCA National Executive Director; Recommendations for the Military Family Month Program; and guidelines for annual art and essay competitions.

Sesame Street for Military Families Free App – covers topics such as missions, coming home, self-expression and injuries.
The military will find comfort in a free custom-made photo transport blanket or pillow through this program for children of service members – Operation Kid Comfort.

Many military families receive free membership in the YMCA or Private Fitness through the YMCA-DoD initiative and the YMCA of the Armed Services.
Sears Heroes offers gift cards to the military when registering families. Registration usually takes place in late fall- Sears Heroes.
Home Depot offers a 10% store discount after checking a valid military ID card, but also the company is recognized as an important employer of military spouses.

A resource run by Home Depot staff called the Military Appreciation Group “is strictly dedicated to supporting active military comrades, seconded reservists and their families,” the Home Depot official website reports.

Campuses on colleges with ROTC units can organize parades with reserve officer trainees, marching, displaying colours, organizing exercises, and so on.

These events may be held on campus, or ROTC units may work with local organizers for community events.
Here are some ways to raise awareness and promote the military community.

Give USO-Metro’s Turkish forces a Thanksgiving gift to younger members and their families!
Create a care package for your spouse or service member with items to help relieve stress during deployment.

National Military Family Month

Create a spouse care package for them so that they can enjoy and help reduce stress during training, deployment, and PCS movements and removals.

  • Thank you to the active member, veteran, military or military service.
  • You must visit war memorials place with your children to teach your children the service values.
  • Fly the US flag.
  • Welcome to the military family for the holidays by sponsoring a basket of toys or toys for younger soldiers through Operation ASYMCA Holiday Joy.
  • Contact the nearest Military Base Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Office (MWR) to check events or activities that may be planned to honour families, including special events, contests, or discounts for local businesses or attractions.

Sometimes simply attending an event or ceremony creates a stronger connection in the community.
As a volunteer in a local chapter of the Veterans Service Organization (VSO), such as the Red Cross, AmVets, Disabled American Veterans (DAV), the American Legion, and so on.

Provide professional services to military communities. Are you a professional counsellor, psychologist, social worker, therapist, childcare worker or community organizer?

Private and chartered organizations serving the military may need your knowledge to have an impact on military communities, be it active service, surveillance, reserve, withdrawal, and so on.
Contact your nearest Navy / Marine Assistance Society, Air Force Relief Organization, Army Emergency, or Coast Guard for mutual assistance to volunteer or participate in planned activities to support their efforts.

The winter months are a key time for these societies to raise and support money as they prepare to help military families during the holidays. Every year, Toys For Tots races and similar efforts by these agencies always need voluntary help.
Visit a Veteran who can get help at a VA hospital or nursing home.

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