Do Veterans Get Discount on Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon occasionally offers Amazon Prime membership subscriptions during certain years, but there is no ongoing annual military discount. Nevertheless, an Amazon membership can be advantageous for military personnel. There is a single level of Amazon Prime membership.

Amazon does not consistently contribute to the military or veterans every year, yet Amazon Prime can still provide benefits to military members and veterans, especially those stationed overseas.

Is There an Amazon Military Discount in 2023?

At present, there are no Amazon discounts specifically for the military. Nonetheless, service members and veterans are encouraged to enroll in Amazon Prime to access special deals, such as Prime Day, starting on June 21, 2023. The Prime Day promotion will continue with a special 48-hour deal on July 12 and 13.

Amazon Prime Veterans Day 2023 Discounts

In the past, Amazon has offered a $40 discount on Prime memberships for military personnel and veterans.

Amazon used to extend a $40 discount to Amazon Prime members, although the eligibility criteria for this offer vary from year to year. For information on these deals, Amazon Prime is the primary source. Last year’s details were disclosed to Prime Insider on November 18, 2022.

We will update our page if Amazon announces a Veterans Day discount for 2023.

Amazon Prime Membership Cost in 2023

Beginning February 18, 2023, the cost of an Amazon Prime annual membership increased by $20 to $139 from $119. The monthly fee has risen by $2, from $12.99 per month to $14.99. If you can afford the upfront cost of the annual subscription, it’s approximately $40 less than the monthly plan.

Amazon Prime Delivery Options

Amazon offers the following shipping options within the continental United States (shipping times vary for APO/FPO shipping addresses):

– Free two-day shipping on eligible items
– Free same-day delivery on eligible postcodes. Free 2-hour subscription to Prime Now.
– Free next day shipping on pre-orders. Delivery speed has no impact on cost. You can schedule delivery for another day for a fee.

Amazon Prime Streaming Benefits for Veterans

Amazon provides streaming services for videos, music, and games, which can be a source of entertainment while away from home. Media services include:

– Prime Video: Streaming video with a vast library of movies, TV shows, and documentaries.
– Prime Music: Streaming radio that allows you to stream albums, create radio stations, explore various music genres, and more.
– Amazon Music Unlimited: For an additional yearly or monthly fee, you can subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited, offering access to millions of songs.
– Prime Games: Access to free games, game content, and more. Prime Games also includes a complimentary monthly Twitch channel subscription, with over 5 free games added to the library every month.

My family and I no longer rely on cable television; we cut the cord years ago. Now, we watch TV through a combination of live TV and a digital antenna, along with Amazon Prime and Netflix streaming. I also use Amazon Music to stream music, avoiding bothersome radio ads and enjoying on-demand access to the entire music library.

Additional Amazon Prime Benefits

– Whole Foods Market: 5% off for eligible Prime members who possess a Prime Rewards Visa card, along with two-hour delivery in qualifying cities.
– Prime Photos: Free storage for your images on Amazon Cloud Drive, with additional storage for personal videos and documents.
– Kindle Owner’s Lending Library: The right to borrow one book every month for free from a collection of thousands of books.
– Kindle First: Access to a free book every month before it becomes publicly available.
– Other benefits: Sharing free 2-day delivery with family members, exclusive Prime coupons and discount offers, and seasonal promotions.

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