CH35 (Chapter 35) benefits | VA Education Benefits for Dependents and Survivors

Dependent and spouse of veterans, surviving spouses of veterans, and children of veterans can qualify for the VA chapter 35 benefit. It is also called the Education Benefit for Dependents and Survivors.

ch35 (Chapter 35) benefits

Eligibility criteria for education benefits (Ch35 benefits)

You may be in the eligibility criteria for VA Education Benefits (Chapter 35 Benefits) if you are the child or spouse of a Service Member and each of these descriptions listed applies to the Service Member. You are eligible for the chapter 35 benefit if you have anyone condition from the below points otherwise you cannot get this benefit.

  • Died during active duty after Sep10, 2001
  • Hostile force captured the veteran or missing during service
  • The foreign government was detained by force during active duty.
  • Veterans have service-connected permanent disabilities that not go away in the future.
  • Children of the veterans who died due to service-connected disability are eligible for this benefit

If you are the child of a veteran and not eligible for chapter 35 dependents educational assistance program then you can apply for the VA education benefit.


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