Benefits for the Veterans of California State

Benefits for the Veterans of California State | VA Benefits California 2023

The state of California offered several benefits for veterans 2023. Below are the benefits offered by the state.

Homes Benefit for the California Veterans

The veterans who are residents of California can get the homes to benefit. It has 8 homes located in Barstow, Fresno, Lancaster, Ventura, Chula Vista, Redding, Yountville, and West Los Angeles.

Those veterans who are above 55 years and retired from the military with honour are eligible for this benefit. For disabled veterans and homeless veterans, the requirement of the age limit is waived.

Benefits for the Veterans of California State

Financial Benefits for the California Veteran

California disabled veteran benefits for those veterans who discharge from the military force with honour. Benefits offered by the State of California are home, mobile home, home improvement, and construction. For the coverage of the flood, earthquake, and disaster the loans were provided to the veterans at highly competitive rates. The veterans with the active duty of 90 days and the retired veterans with honour from service are eligible for the financial benefits.

California Veteran Property Tax Exemption

Veteran property tax exemption California for those veterans who retired with honour from force or spouses of the retired veterans or parents of the deceased honourable discharged veterans are eligible to get the $4,000 property exemption. If the property of the veteran is more than $5,000 is not eligible for this.

 Property Tax Exemption for Disabled Veterans

Disable veterans of California and unmarried spouses of the deceased veterans are eligible for the property tax exemption benefit.

California disabled veteran property tax exemption for those veterans who have the service-connected disability rating of 100% assigned by the Veterans Affairs department can get the basic exemption of $100,000 or with low income (below 58,754 dollars) can get a $150,000 exemption.

Surviving spouses of the dead veterans due to service-connected injuries are also eligible to get these exemptions.

It has no personal wealth restriction and the requirement are specific to get these exemptions. For detailed information about these exemptions, you need to consult the local assessor’s office.

Military Family Relief Fund of California

Military family relief fund was established for the veterans of California to give the financial assistance in the grant form. A national guard member of California is also eligible for this grant.

Fees for Motor Vehicle Registration Waived

Veterans discharge from the military with honour, ex-POWs, and complete disabled veterans are eligible to get free registration and free license for the one passenger motor vehicle or commercial motor vehicle that has less than 8,001-pound weight.

Business License with free Tax and Fee Waiver for Veterans

Veterans who retired from the military force with honour and hawk, peddle, or vent the goods are eligible for the waiver of the state business license fee and taxes. For alcoholic beverages sales, it is not applicable.

Employment Preference for the Veterans of California

Veterans discharged with honour and spouses, and spouses of the complete disabled veterans are preferred for the California state jobs for veterans after passing the state employment test.

State Contract Preference for Disabled Veterans

For helping small businesses, Business Enterprise Program is launched. Small businesses owned by the disabled veterans compete for state contracts and are helped by this program.

California College Free Tuition Fee for Dependents of Veteran

Waiver of mandatory system-wide tuition and fees at any State of California Community College, California State University, or University of California campus. There are 4 different classes of eligibility for California veterans education benefits:

At any college of the state, the university of the California State the tuition fee will be free for which there are 4 various classes of eligibility:

Plan A

  • The child of the disabled veteran or dead veteran due to service-connected injuries is eligible if the age is between 14 to 17 years. If the child is a veteran then the maximum age for eligibility of this program is 30.
  •  Spouses of permanently service-connected disabled veterans are eligible for this benefit.
  • Dependent of the veterans who are missing, captured by hostile forces, or detained with force can also get this benefit.

During the war period, the service of the veteran is a 1-day minimum require to get plan A. You have to choose the benefit of VA Chapter 35 or Plan A benefit because at the same time you can not get both benefits. For these benefits, there are no restrictions on income.

Plan B

If the veteran has service-connected disabilities or died due to the service-connected disability then the child of such veteran is eligible for Plan b. Age restriction is not applied in this plan. there are income limits. At the same time, you can get both benefits from VA Chapter 35 and this plan.

Plan C

Dependents of the veterans or national guard who died in the war by serving the country are eligible for this plan. Dependents of permanently disabled veterans are also eligible for this benefit. Surviving spouses are also eligible if they do not remarry.

Plan D

Children of the veterans below 27 are eligible for California veteran dependent education benefits. Under this plan, the dependent can get free undergraduate education. There are restrictions on income and age in this plan. For receiving the VA Chapter 35 benefits there is no prohibition.

Education Assistance for the California National Guard

This program covers all the fees or portions of expenses of the selected colleges or state universities for the guard members. For the eligibility of this program, there are some requirements for GPA and Academic program.

Recreation Benefits for the California Veteran

If the service-connected disability rating is 50 % of any veteran then he will be eligible for the reduction of the fee for fishing and hunting licenses. For this benefit requirement for the resident of California is not need.

State Parks and Recreation Pass for Disabled Veterans

Veterans which were discharged with honour and have residency in California with service-connected disabilities of 50% can get a free pass to all parts of California State. Former POW is also eligible for this benefit. For the special events, supply fee, or commercial use it is not valid.

Veteran Cemeteries in the State of California

There are 2  veterans cemeteries places in the state of California:

California Central Coast Veterans Cemetery – Seaside  and Northern California Veterans Cemetery – Igo

The Cemetery of Yountville Veterans accepts the internment of the Veteran Home’s residents and dependents

There is no burial fee for the veterans, dependents of the veterans, and survivors who meet the eligibility criteria of VA.

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