Veteran Innovative Products (VIP)

Veteran Innovative Products (VIP) was established by Matthew and Cindy Futtere. As a Veteran of the U.S. Naval force and following his new return from Afghanistan, Futtere has pulled together his endeavours from buying/running a cutting-edge counselling organization and such abroad military help endeavours. He has pledged to make every moment count by just doing what he partakes in the most: investing energy with family, hunting, fishing, and enhancing. The Afghanistan experience has profoundly energised him to keep developing upon his generally settled noteworthy outside items for hunting close by his demonstrated history of advancement and a strong VIP Family business group of master support.

Celebrity has rapidly turned into the go-to broadhead for trackers across the world. Regardless of whether you’re hunting whitetail from a Midwest tree stand, following elk in the mountains, going around the cool Northwoods, or the southern warmth of Texas, VIP has the right broadhead for your application. 100% made in America, the Veteran and Combat Veteran broadheads highlight the most elevated level parts and surgical tool sharp cutting edges. See with your own eyes why more trackers are changing to broadheads from Veteran Innovative Products. Veteran Owned. American Made. Fighter Approved.

Veteran Innovative Products VIP


The Combat Veteran – A faultlessly performing 4-edge energy the board broadhead! With an enormous cutting width of 1-1/4 by 2 inches and unrivalled pass-through execution! Each bundle accompanies our VIP Practice Point to locate in and practice with! At the point when prepared to chase, just screw on the Combat Veteran and go chase as it is indistinguishable in sway point with a field point! No broadhead tuning is required! What’s more, keep that VIP Practice Point on a bolt in your quiver as it likewise is a fine little game head! All our broadheads are customary, compound, crossbow, and surprisingly 30 and 50 type air rifle viable! Presented in both 100 and 125 Grain sizes!

The Veteran – The 175 Grain Combat Veteran – Going to chase an exceptionally huge as well as Dangerous Game? The 175 Grain All Steel Combat Veteran conveys every one of the advantages in the execution of our unique 100-grain Combat Veteran. Be that as it may, tip and body are produced using 440C careful steel to enormously further develop strength and infiltration!

The First and ONLY Scalpel Sharp Broadhead with Dual Spring Variable Cutting Width Suspension for Superior Penetration

The Veteran kills the discussion between a proper sharp edge or mechanical plan. We have killed all issues related to both of those two classifications of configuration, yet have accepted every one of the advantages of both with a protected and deadly plan. The Veteran games a double spring cutting edge suspension framework for limiting avoidance and improving straight-line infiltration through or past bone. The Veteran is the world’s first surgical tool sharp compressible cutting width edge framework!

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