Top 8 Military Spouse Benefits 2022

Top 8 Military Spouse Benefits

“Oh, you’re about to receive the good benefits of being married in the military!”

I was always wondering why I was asked to marry a Marine … and then I wondered why my face was pure white.

They said as if they already knew him, his life, and what he had to offer to me. It’s just because he’s not a Marine because he’s in the Army … period!

Unfortunately, I was completely unaware of all the benefits of a military marriage that came from marrying a military man. And since I wasn’t near the military base at first, no one told me. So gradually discover over time and it’s really cool!

Top 8 Military Spouse Benefits 2022

1.1. You can help your hero

Yes! This warm heart is at the top of my list. Our women have dedicated their lives to serving their country, returning home, and loving us. Having my hero is worth its weight in gold for me and our kids (especially in this outfit)!

2. Health care is included

I know some people who have been in physical pain instead of going to the doctor because they didn’t have insurance or couldn’t pay the bill. We don’t have that fear or anxiety. Just as medical care is provided to members of the military, so are their dependents. They include surgery, childbirth, scans, and medication (if you have that as a basis).

3. Get marriage counselling and family support

MFLC is a military and family life counselling program. Some of the best things they do are personal and/or marriage counselling that is not on your record. They don’t take notes and can even get off-base from you if needed.

Please contact your local Fleet and Family Service Center. They provide information about available careers, fitness, leisure, family and youth activities and much more.

4. Military spouse education benefits

Depending on your spouse’s rank, you may be eligible for a Military Spouse Career Advancement Account (MyCAA). And there is a GI bill that can be passed on to you or your children if your spouse does not use it or does not intend to use it. However, there are time limits that you should be aware of. More information is available from your local Fleet and Family Service Center.

5. All-Year Military Discount

Regardless of the store or restaurant, military families are likely to offer a little more affection in the form of a discount. So don’t be shy… find out about discounts before you go!
Here is a list of some existing properties that offer an exemption.

6. Accommodation and exit

Let’s get a house for free! Not everyone chooses to stay on base, but it’s always good to know what you can do. Most military bases offer accommodation. However, if not, you can also get Basic Housing Benefit (BAH) for your family to live “out of town”. The BAH amount is based on position, pay grade and dependency status.

7. Tourism

If you have the opportunity to settle abroad, take it! Living abroad will be a unique experience. It is very interesting to say that my children were born in Japan! There is also a residence allowance abroad (COLA), an additional allowance granted to our spouses. Money for hair!

8. Join a community

As newlyweds, we didn’t have a large military community because my husband was a recruiter who worked long days and we didn’t live near the base. But two years later, we moved to Okinawa, Japan. There I really learned the meaning and impact of the military family. And this part has nothing to do with the program!

It all depends on your neighbour, your spouse, other parents at the playground, or even the familiar face you see at the police station.

We are all in this place together, so we can all communicate with each other and build lasting relationships!

The military marriage benefits are immeasurable. Which is at the top of your list?

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