VA Disability Ratings for Knee Pain Disabilities 2022

Pain is one of the leading causes of disability in the United States. However, it is often difficult to prove that pain is the cause of work-related disability. Pain in itself is not a diagnosis. How to get VA disability benefits for knee pain? Fortunately, knee pain is often a sign of an underlying disease … Read more VA Disability Ratings for Knee Pain Disabilities 2022

Military disability benefits 2022

Military disability benefit

Veteran and military members get the military disability benefits with medical conditions which result from their military careers. Basically, the military disability benefit is the amount that the veterans can’t have because of their disability that they would be able to earn without it. Military disability benefits have 2 types, that is VA Disability and … Read more Military disability benefits 2022

MLK Day Volunteer Opportunities 2022

Volunteer opportunities to transcribe historical documents with the Smithsonian Digital Volunteer Program. Use Catchafire to access flexible, Martin Luther King day virtual volunteer activities that practice your skills and support. Become a Web Volunteer at National Park Services! NPS seeks people to test and evaluate web products to improve their online presentation. MLK Volunteer opportunities … Read more MLK Day Volunteer Opportunities 2022