MLK Day Volunteer Opportunities 2023

Volunteer opportunities to transcribe historical documents with the Smithsonian Digital Volunteer Program.
Use Catchafire to access flexible, Martin Luther King day virtual volunteer activities that practice your skills and support. Become a Web Volunteer at National Park Services! NPS seeks people to test and evaluate web products to improve their online presentation.

MLK Volunteer opportunities 2023

Explore the AARP database of virtual volunteer opportunities across the country.
Write letters to elderly people living in isolation. Anti-Isolation Letters are an essential resource for thousands of seniors in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and Israel who have been isolated due to the epidemic.
Connect with First Responder Heroes. The #VirtualThanksgiving volunteer campaign gives you the opportunity to support deployed forces, the National Guard, first responders, and emergency medical personnel on the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Volunteer to answer questions from students who you want to be when they grow up. CareerVillage.orgs’ mission is to democratize work preparation by creating a platform for professionals to provide career information and advice to underrepresented youth. Send your health and recovery message to a child awaiting surgery through the Global Pediatric Project.
Register with UPchieve to become a virtual teacher. The free online platform connects low-income students in the US with live teachers and volunteers.
Copies of historical documents for the Library of Congress by the people. By the People was founded in 2018 and is a voluntary initiative to improve the search, readability, and accessibility of handwritten and written documents for everyone, including the blind.

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Search This AmeriCorps-powered website is a great place to explore virtual volunteering opportunities on MLK Day in your community, discover many posts, other resources, and more.
Keep a contactless jacket motor with One Warm Coat close by.
Host a virtual bookstore, book club, or silent book club in your community. Visit the VolunteerMatchs COVID-19 Resource Hub to browse the growing list of COVID-19 virtual volunteer opportunities. Use the All for Good Point Lights database to search for many opportunities to volunteer in the field or start your own business.
Search by zip code to discover American Red Cross virtual volunteering.
Sponsored a veteran card writing session through Solider Angels.
Host a virtual knitting or crochet community to warm up America.
Explore the Idealist website for volunteering, COVID-19 efforts, and other local volunteering.

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