Martin Luther King Weekend 2023

YMCA, Snohomish, Celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, YMCA Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend inspired January 14-17 January 2023.

MLK Weekend 2023

Before the hero of civil rights and human rights, Dr. Martin Luther King, John Junior, led by Montgomery , Alabama, bus city in 1955, before sending the famous world speech “I spoke in Washington in March 1963 and received the Nobel Prize in Oslo, Norway, in 1964, Martin was king and the second house At YMCA. Learn like a boy for swimming at the birthplace of Atlanta, Georgia.

At the celebration of Martin Luther King, day Jr. Yema, Snohomish, along with community partners, friends and neighbors will respect one of the most influential civil rights. He started YMCA invited common members of all religions and backgrounds from the Snohomish city community to become a member of the honor of life and dictator. The king who has been murdered by economically murdered economic and peaceful education – and how they work and then

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