Free college list for 100 disabled veterans dependents

Free College List for 100 % Disabled Veterans Dependent | VA Education Benefits

Department of veterans affairs examines the condition of the veteran physically and mentally then assign a rating for him which has the ranges from 0 to 100%. If the rating is 100% then the veteran is permanently disabled cant do any task. For the dependent of the complete disabled veterans, the VA dept and the state offer VA education benefits for dependents through free colleges.

Free college list for 100 disabled veterans dependent

Many states offer the VA tuition assistance to veterans and their dependents, few of them are the following:

Florida colleges system

From the site of this college, you can find the resources specified for veterans. In a college, there is a special staff member that works with veterans to help with the process completion.

Florida student financial aid

It is the program that offers scholarship the dependent of the deceased or disabled veterans. This aid is for the dependent of the complete disabled veterans are dead veterans due to the service-connected disability.

For details, you need to concern with the local college campus.

The Schools waive out-of-state tuition

Due to sports and co-curricular activities, Mississippi University is well known which encourages the vets to attend with its non-resident tuition scholarship. It pays extra tuition.

For the dependent of the veterans, VA dependents educational assistance is also available for which dependent need to meet some requirement. Dependents who qualify for the GI Bill can waive off tuition. The University of Mississippi offers the scholarship whole stay.


What are the Disabled veterans’ education benefits by the state?


Through the tuition waiver, veterans can get education benefits for 100 % disabled veteran and attend technical colleges and universities. Veterans need 90 days of active duty during the period of combat for the eligibility of the scholarship.


A resident of Illinois can get a free tuition fee at state colleges, universities. If you have the following conditions then you will be eligible for the scholarship.

  • Veterans discharged with honour
  • The service residency period is at least 6 months in Illinois
  • Veterans have the service in the US force of 1 year at least and back to Illinois in 6 months of discharge from service.


Veterans are eligible for any undergraduate program from a public college or university in Massachusetts. It is the condition that the veteran is a legal resident of Massachusetts and not default on any federal student loan.


the resident of Montana can also get free tuition benefits for veterans within the Montana University System. to qualify,

Veterans can get free tuition from the Montana University system if they are residents of Montana. The eligibility criteria are below:

  • Veteran discharged with honour from the US forces
  • a resident of the Montana state
  • maintain academic progress satisfactory while enrolled

South Dakota

Veterans can get free tuition by south Dakota for any undergraduate course. For eligibility, veterans need the following conditions.

  • Veterans must be discharged with honour from the force
  • A veteran is a current resident of South Dakota
  • The veteran has been on duty since August 2, 1990, and till now.


Veterans having a texas residency can get free tuition for up to 150 credit hours from state-supported colleges or universities. For the eligibility for the benefits veterans need the following requirements:

  • veterans have a Texas residency at the time veterans enter military service
  • Service days must be 181
  • Veterans discharged from the armed forces with honour and not a defaulter in educational loans before.


Veterans which have the Wisconsin residency can get free education benefits. Current Wisconsin residents and former Wisconsin residents both are still eligible to get free education benefits.

California’s free tuition for veterans/dependents

For the dependent of disabled veterans, the state of California offers free tuition. For eligibility, the person must be a resident of California. Also, veterans dependents meet the eligibility criteria of the college or university in which a person wants to study.

  • If the veteran is an undergraduate student of the state and studying part times gets $1655 tuition waivers.
  • A person is an Undergraduate resident of the state and studying Full-time then gets a $2,871 tuition waiver
  • Credential, Resident of California Student, in case of Part-time studying  then $1,932
  • If the Student is studying Full-time then $3,330
  • In the case of Doctorate the resident Student studying Part-time, $5,919.00
  • In case of full-time Doctorate studying  $5,919.00

Free college for the dependents of disabled veterans in Virginia

VMSDEP stands for Virginia Military Dependent and Survivors Education Program which gives education assistance to the dependent of the disabled military members. If the rating is at least 10% assigned by the veteran’s affairs department then such veterans will be eligible for this benefit.
DVS stands for the department of veterans which is responsible for program management and collaboration with the higher education state council for the school and universities of Virginia. So the dependence of the military service members can study in their dream colleges and university.
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