Family Separation Pay 2023

Veterans with unaccompanied dependents are eligible for a military family separation pay $ 250 Monthly that is also called Family Separation Allowance (FSA). FSA begins on the day of departure at the home station and ends the day before arrival at the home station.

Family Separation Pay 2022

Family Separation Allowance

Transferring relatives to full-time employees is not permitted at state expense. This assumes that your relatives have not yet lived in or near the station.

  • When a member leaves the ship and works on the ship for 30 consecutive days or more
  • If the insured is temporarily hired and the dependents do not live in or near the temporary workplace after retiring from the regular workplace for 30 days or more.
  • Military personnel who choose to work unaccompanied in a permanent facility where the movement of dependents is permitted at government expense are not eligible for separation pay for the military under the first conditions above.


If a military person is married to another military person, a separation pay military allowance will be paid if the family is living together immediately before the separation.


Military members must complete Form DD 1561 (Declaration of Proof of Payment for Family Separation Allowance) to certify FSA eligibility.

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