Dunkin Donuts Veteran’s Day Deal

You can get The Dunkin Donuts Veteran’s Day deal 2022 from all the locations, unlike their military discount offer.

You have no need to make a purchase to use this deal because you can claim your free donut to show up as proof of service on Veterans Day to claim your free doughnut.

Dunkin Donuts Veteran’s Day Deal 2022

Who Can Claim this Deal?

Because of the location-based Dunkin Donut military discount, the requirements of eligibility will vary at different locations.

Both Austin and St. Paul offer deals on that occasion for all the current military members, including those who serve for the country in the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, Reserve, and National Guard roles. They also offer their deals to veterans and retired service members on veterans day.

You can find the specific deal at your local store and also you can check the eligibility requirements for that offer.

Veteran’s Day Eligibility

All veterans and current Active Duty service members are eligible for the Veteran’s Day deal at Dunkin Donuts.

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