Veteran Innovative Products (VIP)

Veteran Innovative Products VIP

Veteran Innovative Products (VIP) was established by Matthew and Cindy Futtere. As a Veteran of the U.S. Naval force and following his new return from Afghanistan, Futtere has pulled together his endeavours from buying/running a cutting-edge counselling organization and such abroad military help endeavours. He has pledged to make every moment count by just doing … Read more

The Best Military Gifts To Honor Veterans & Active Duty Members For Their Service

The Best Military Gifts To Honor Veterans

As we all know Veterans are those who serve this nation by keeping everything at stake. We are aware that people are interested in sharing their gratitude and love with Veterans. You can share gifts with Veterans and military members on Veterans Day 2022. You can offer them different gifts we are sharing with you … Read more

13 Best Gifts for Veterans, Marines, Soldiers, and Service Members

13 Best Gifts for Veterans, Marines, Soldiers, and Service Members

Is it accurate to say that you are searching for cool gifts for veterans for your favourite one in your life on Veterans Day? We set up a gift list partitioned by classification, so regardless of the event, you’ll get the veterans you love something they’ll esteem. Regardless of whether you’re searching for military retirement … Read more

Chili’s Veterans Day Discounts

Chili's Veterans Day Discounts 2022

Veterans Day is a special day to honour active military members and veterans because of their services to the country. Peoples show honour through different ideas for veterans day 2022. Many stores and restaurants and other businesses offer discounts on their product at this special event. Chili also offers a special discount on veterans day … Read more