Benefits for Veterans of North Carolina State | NC VA Benefits 2023

Below are the benefits for the veterans of the state of North Carolina (NC)offered by the State.

Homes for the Veterans of North Carolina State

There are 4 state veterans homes which are Black Mountain, Fayetteville, Kinston, and Salisbury. Those veterans of the North Carolina State are eligible for North Carolina benefits for veterans who are discharged with honour for the armed force. Veterans need medical proof of service-connected disability otherwise not eligible.

Benefits for Veterans of North Carolina State


Financial Benefits for the North Carolina Veteran

If the service of the veteran is 5 years as of August 12, 1989, then the military retirement and SBP payments are tax-free for such veterans.

A permanently disabled veteran who is discharged from the force with honour will be eligible for the $45,000 in-home assessed value of his home for the purpose of property tax.

For North Carolina disabled veteran benefits, the surviving spouses are eligible also if spouses draw DIC from VA.

For the disabled veteran’s Tax on the vehicle is no need to pay. Because VA accommodates disabled veterans through this benefit.


Employment Benefits for North Carolina State

For the employment in the state government, preference was given to the Disabled Veterans, Spouse of the disabled veterans, and surviving spouses of the veterans who died due to service-connected disabilities

North Carolina Assistive Technology Program (NCATP) for disabled veterans

NCATP is the program of the state to serve disabled veterans. This program offers short-term device loans, training, assistive technology device demonstration, public awareness, and technical assistance to the family member of the disabled veterans as well as to individuals.

BLNC is the abbreviation of the Business Link North Carolina that works in partnership with the NC Department of Commerce to help the veteran for the starting of the small business.

North Carolina Scholarship for Wartime Veterans’ children

North Carolina veteran dependents education benefit is assigned for the dependents of the disabled veterans and for the dependent of the veterans who served in the war, for the 8 academic calendars. For the qualification of this scholarship, the age of the children must be 25 or below and the resident of Carolina.

Recreation Benefits for the North Carolina Veteran

Those disabled veterans who have service-connected disabilities of 50% or above can get the hunting fishing lifetime license for $10 to $110 depend on the license type.

Hunting & Fishing for Active Duty Veterans

NC residents on active duty outside the state and home on leave for 30 days or less do not need to purchase a license.

The residents of North Carolina on active duty veterans have no need to purchase the license for hunting and fishing because He may be hunting and fishing on leave for 30 days or less.

Active duty veterans and family members in NC can get the license at a resident rate.

Veterans Cemeteries in North Carolina State 

Black Mountain, Goldsboro, Jacksonville, and spring lake are the 4 cemeteries places for the free burial of those veterans of the North Carolina State who retired with honor from the force. For the burial of the spouse, there will be a small charge.

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